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A COVID-19 Update from Denny Menholt Honda

A COVID-19 Update from Denny Menholt Honda

Menholt Auto Group is taking preventative actions to help protect our staff and valued customers against the COVID-19 virus. We want to provide you with the most up to date information on our response within our Menholt Auto Group facilities.

Intense Cleaning Routine

Most importantly, we will be implementing a scheduled cleaning routine with our professional cleaning crew during business hours to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, door access handles, bathrooms, and general contact areas. These sanitizing cycles will happen multiple times during our business day with our own employees also assisting in these efforts. These same routines will be completed again each night after the close of business by our same professional cleaning crew.

As a continued service to our visitors and staff, depending on product availability, we have hand sanitizer stations located at various points around our facilities. We also encourage thorough hand washing with soap and water for at least a 20-second duration to remove potentially dangerous microbes from the skin.

We will be implementing a "glove on" policy for any vehicles that our staff members enter, drive, or return to the lot – whether it be a function of the sales or service department. In our service drive-up area, with customer permission, we are also offering a sanitizing "wipe down" of the driver’s area upon receiving vehicles for service and repair.

Under normal circumstances, we always offer a friendly handshake to our customers and friends – but we will now offer a friendly wave and a genuine smile instead as we welcome visitors to our dealerships.

Additional "At Home" Services

Denny Menholt Honda is open for regular business as long as the COVID-19 situation remains stable. If it is helpful for some customers, we will be offering the following services at this time:

  • Options for online car buying backed up by our friendly, flexible and transparent sales process.
  • The ability to schedule an "at home" test drive from our vehicle stock.
  • Pick-up and return delivery of customer vehicles in need of service. Please call for availability and scheduling.

We are doing everything that we can to ensure that we are actively slowing the pace and impact of this virus. We are particularly sensitive to protecting the higher risk members of our community.
Our dealership will send out new information through email channels if the need arises. If you have additional questions or we can be of further service, please contact us, as we are here to help.

Thank you for your support in all these efforts!

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